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Modern olive oil production unit 

Paraschakis Olive Oil

The PARASCHAKIS family modern olive oil factory, which is located in Melidoni, Municipality of Mylopotamos, was established in 1991. It is a one of a kind olive oil factory, with state of the art facilities. In our olive oil factory, every olive harvest approximately 400 tons of olive oil is produced....


Standard olive factory

About 400 tons of olive oil per year. Excellent facilities. Strict specifications.

Family business

The olive oil factory belongs to the Paraschaki family, and is located in the traditional village of Melidoni in the Municipality of Mylopotamos


You have the opportunity to tour for free in three different mills in our olive oil factory.



Paraschakis Olive Oil

Mylopotamos, 74052

Tel (+30) 6973863551

Email [email protected]

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